In this Ericaism, Erica Campbell talks about combatting the urge to procrastinate. She says she connects procrastination with laziness and failure, and therefore tries to take her work so seriously that she steers away from the temptation to procrastinate. She makes sure she plans things, and surrounds herself with disciplined people who can help her […]

In this edition of Faith Walking, Erica Campbell addresses some concerns she’s heard from people who have trouble understanding prayer. While God is always listening, sometimes we pray in a spirit that doesn’t really line up with God and His word. She explains how we can get our minds right when we get ready to […]

D.C. celebrity make-up artist Kym Lee has done make up for many famous faces, including Erica Campbell! She joins Erica and GRIFF on air to discuss how the ladies can keep their faces beat in the heat. Kym says, the hotter, more humid months require a different make-up formula and routine. She explains the importance of […]

Erica Campbell‘s baby sister Goo Goo calls up the morning show- from the set of a movie -to talk fashion tips with Erica and GRIFF! She shares her simple secrets for maximizing your wardrobe and making your best entrance regardless of your budget. She elaborates on accessorizing up your looks so that no two outfits […]

  In this edition of the Love Talk, GRIFF introduces Erica Campbell to Davetta, a childhood friend and a cousin Terri, who tell an endearing and hilarious story about part of his faith journey as a seventh grade student. GRIFF says Terri was the girl who helped everybody find Jesus back when they were in school together. She, Davetta and […]

Wife, mother, grandmother, philanthropist, and entrepreneur are just a few adjectives that can be used to describe Marjorie Harvey. Known to many as the beautiful…

When temperatures drop low, there are many simple safeguards you can take to prevent severe injury, Marshall said. They include: ·         Dress warmly Layering your clothing will provide the best insulation and retain body heat. Wearing a non-permeable outer layer will minimize the effects of strong winds. ·         Protect your extremities Hands and feet are […]

  Transformation 2015 – Tip #4: Listen All week I am giving tips to help you prepare for 2015. Here is your tip for today. Make a list of the times you listened in 2014 and the times you didn’t, decide to listen more in 2015. To people … yes, but more importantly to God […]

Courtesy: By Robbie Darby/  So you broke up with Seamless and have vowed to make your own meals more often in 2015– awesome! Just because you’re all about the “‘kale yeah’ I’m eating healthy now life,” the problem comes if you don’t pay attention to how you store your new grub. You may be booty-calling […]

Transformation 2015 – Tip #2 Your Cell Phone All week I am giving tips to help you prepare for 2015. Today’s tip deals with your cell phone. Step 1: Clean out contacts. If you didn’t talk to them in 2014, then you more than likely won’t on 2015. Get rid of numbers that you don’t […]

Of course you expect to eat a delicious meal for dinner on Thanksgiving day. But, we all know the holiday is really about spending time with those that you love. Here are 13 great tips to make this year’s Thanksgiving more about gratitude, giving and community. 1. Create a banner that you can use year […]

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Friday on “NewsOne Now,” host Roland Martin learned a few tips for barbecue perfection from the guys at Henry’s Soul Cafe in D.C. With Memorial…