The number one women’s singles tennis player Serena Williams inspired Erica Campbell‘s Faith Walk today. The sports star, who has won record twelve grand-slam titles on her own, remarked that even though there may be days on which she doesn’t feel like training, she never feels like failing or losing. In this exclusive clip, Erica […]

  Earlier this week, the White House announced that President Obama is expected to sign an executive order to pay for additional police training and body cameras. According to the Huffington Post, the order allocates $75 million dollars over three years to provide 50,000 body-worn cameras for police officers across the country. The parents of […]

Need help shaping what your momma gave you beauties? Then you may want to start by shaking things up. Literally. Whole body vibration training started…

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Women are buying guns at record rates according to WTHR news anchor Andrea Morehead!  Tonight check out the news at 11pm and see if  you getting properly trained? Do you know whether to shoot, don’t shoot? Andrea takes some women to the range for the first time and they are put to the test by […]

Years after I had given birth to my fourth child, people would say to me, “You look good for having had four children.” They would mean it as a compliment. But to my hears it always stung just a little. It was as though they were saying you are overweight and flabby, but that’s to […]

<strong>Audio Included in Post. Audio ©2010 WTLC/Radio One.</strong> Here is Part Two of Friday's special Afternoons with Amos as a cross section of community leaders - Deputy Mayor Olgen Williams, ministers, City-County Council members, mayoral candidates, grass roots activists - gathered for a wide ranging discussion of the controversial beating of a 15-year-old Black youth by white IMPD officers. Not only was the beating discussed, but IMPD's training, lack of advancement for minority officers, lack of hiring minority officers, mistrust of police by the community. Also discussed were strategies for dealing with rising Black-on-Black crime.

Breaking up your fitness routine is hard to do. But it's crucial for avoiding the bigger heartache of overuse injury, fitness experts say.