Why do we need to be passionate about the fact that YOUR LIFE MATTERS? Here’s a reason why. On February 1st, at a birthday party at a private residence in a relatively crime free neighborhood in southwestern Washington Township, near 38th & Kessler, 13 year old DeAndre Knox was attending his first party without his […]


Marvell Weaver, 17, of Lansing, Michigan, recently lost the so-called “Point ‘em out, knock ‘em out” game when he was shot twice by his intended…

AFTERNOONS WITH AMOS EXCLUSIVE: Memphis, Tennessee is suffering from the same surge and scourge of violence, especially Black-on-Black violence as many other cities, including Indianapolis.  But Memphis, the nation’s 20th largest city, has created an innovative, bold plan to help stop the violence and find meaningful solutions and hope for its young people.  The effort […]

Like the rest of the nation, Indianapolis expressed outrage, calm anger and a desire to figure out where the African-American goes from here in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict.  During AM1310 the Light’s Afternoons with Amos, Indianapolis residents had their say about the verdict that found George Zimmerman not guilty in the murder […]

An impassioned City-County President Maggie Lewis and leaders of the Ten Point Coalition and other concerned Pastors spoke out passionately on Afternoons with Amos about the growing level of murders in the city and the issue of youth crime and irresponsibility and lack of parental involvement.  President Lewis strongly blasted Mayor Greg Ballard’s confusing plan […]

In a united front, several of the city’s key Black ministerial organizations and associations and coalitions came together to speak out about the the twin problems of youth violence in Indianapolis and the lack of positive activities for the vast majority of the city’s Black law abiding youth. During a special Afternoons with Amos, leaders […]

In an historic first time broadcast, AM1310 TheLight WTLC and Afternoons with Amos broadcast live from inside an Indianapolis Police Station. The program broadcast live from the Department of Public Safety’s new Regional Operations Center which is located in the old Eastgate Shopping Center.  The facility was opened just before last year’s Super Bowl and […]

Another shooting by a teen in outside Circle Centre Mall in downtown Indianapolis, plus fights inside the mall, on a night when downtown was jammed with thousands of persons and families attending events, has caused anger and concern in the community.  IMPD Chief Rick Hite appeared on Afternoons with Amos Monday to update the community […]

In an emotional, forceful speech, President Barack Obama told the people of Newtown, Connecticut emotionally riven by the shootings Friday that murdered 20 children and seven adults and the nation that “We can’t tolerate this (shootings of children and others) any more. These tragedies must end. And to end them, we must change.” The President […]

Indianapolis Police Chief Paul Ciesielski talked frankly about the March 17th shooting of five teens, aged fourteen to seventeen on the Downtown Canal. Appearing on Afternoons with Amos, Chief Ciesielski updated listeners on the investigation. The Chief also talked about a “new police strategy” of focusing manpower on various crime “hot spots” throughout the city. […]

Part one of a two part series. About three years ago, I began working for a high school in San Francisco called “John O’Connell.” It…

Audio Included in Post. Runs 14 Minutes. Audio©2011 WTLC/Radio One. Mayor Greg Ballard announced a crackdown against parents who “drop their kids off at places like the (Circle Centre) mall each weekend” and those kids get into trouble. But the Mayor’s State of the City Speech crackdown has caused confusion among parents and the community. […]