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(L-R) DeAndra Yates & Nichole McGee who both lost sons to violence. Raquel Robinson (R) whose helping with reward

Why do we need to be passionate about the fact that YOUR LIFE MATTERS? Here’s a reason why. On February 1st, at a birthday party at a private residence in a relatively crime free neighborhood in southwestern Washington Township, near 38th & Kessler, 13 year old DeAndre Knox was attending his first party without his mom.  He was accompanied by older siblings.  A fight broke out outside the house. Shots were fired and a bullet entered the house and struck DeAndre in the head.  He survived, but remains in serious condition, unable to speak and his family unsure whether he’ll regain full use of all his faculties.  Yet, nearly two months after this crime, witnesses who saw something, who know something are refusing to talk to police. Shielded by their parents who aren’t allowing their children to tell police what they saw, heard and know.  DeAndre Knox’s mother, DeAndra Yates, appeared on Afternoons with Amos to make a strong, emotional please to the Indianapolis community that “if they saw something, say something”.  Mrs. Yates talked about her son, an honor student who loved life, football, basketball and loved life.  How he fought for his life in Riley Hospital after many thought he wouldn’t make it.  This strong mother retains her Faith in God and her Faith that He will help her son overcome this trial.  Mrs. Yates strongly urged parents whose children know something about what happened on that February 1st night to come forward, tell the truth.  Mrs. Yates said “she’s heard the name” of the alleged shooter, “where he goes to school”, yet those that saw him with a weapon, saw him fire the shot won’t come forward.  DeAndra Yates was joined by Nichole McGee, who lost her son to random violence by a white man a year ago. And Lavonda McIntosh and Raquel Robinson, whose motorcycle club So Solid Riders are planning activities to help raise reward money. Deandra Yates’ interview is an emotional, gut-wrenching story of a woman who has had tragedy befall her, yet is remaining positive and hopeful. Her interviews points at a stain in the Indianapolis community where those who have seen wrongdoing remain reluctant to tell what they know.  Where parents of young people who may have seen that wrongdoing don’t want to get their children involved.  DeAndre Knox’s life MATTERS! Just as everyone’s life MATTERS! Click the arrow to hear the interview with DeAndra Yates, a woman who understands that YOUR LIFE MATTERS and that as a community we can’t hide from telling the truth.  Runs 37 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.