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Viral sensation-turned-overnight sensation Ted Williams is using that golden voice to speak up about his instant-celebrity status and the challenges it has caused.

“I just wanted to take advantage of every media outlet that I could for the sake of not having to wake up and have somebody say it was a dream,” Williams exclusively told E! News on Thursday at Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood, where the onetime homeless man was being honored with his very own concoction, The Golden Shake. “So, I rushed into a few things.”

Ted Williams reportedly quits rehab

When the conversation turned to Dr. Phil and his efforts last month to get Williams into rehab, only to see him leave soon after, the 53-year-old reveals why he decided not to go through with it.

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“I love Dr. Phil. I don’t want to bash him in any way,” said Williams. “I walked out of treatment because it was a little scripted, I felt. There was no anonymity. I want him to know that his cares and his concerns will not be in vain. I am going to try and truly get back into the swing of things.”

While Williams admitted he hasn’t spoken to Dr. Phil since leaving rehab, he is hoping to in the near future.

“He has been a very concerned and caring person. He said about me on another talk show that Ted Wiliams is a really decent guy if you get to know him, and I am,” said Williams. “I just got a little too much in over my head, but I’m on my way.”

–Reporting by Chris Hall

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