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Strength is a characteristic that is often underrated. Praying for strength is merely understanding that you are seeking out the ability to survive in our insane world.

We can compare our spiritual development to the construction process of  building a home. When building anything from the ground up , a great deal of time is spent on preparing the foundation for the massive weight of the building. If the foundation is not prepared correctly, then after the weight of the building is applied, the foundation may crack, thereby causing serious concern for the stability of the building. So it is too with our spiritual lives. We spend time training our minds to sharpen our intellectual skills.

O Lord,

In this time of need, strengthen me. You are my strength and my shield; You are my refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. I know, Father, that Your eyes go to and fro throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts long for You. The body grows weary, but my hope is in you to renew my strength.

I do not fear, for you are with me.

I am not dismayed or overwhelmed, for you are my God. I know You will strengthen me and help me; that You will uphold me with Your righteous hand. Even as the shadows of illness cover me, I feel the comfort of Your strength, Or Lord.Amen.

So what is spiritual strength and capacity and how can we develop ourselves? Spiritual strength is the ability to carry an enduring spirit that follows the unpopular path when the world seems to want to fold in on itself. It is being able to stand for something when doing the right thing is not popular at the time. (Numbers 14:24) It is the development of a strong prayer life, never avoiding spiritual conflict and a willingness to be inconvenienced.

It is the capacity to live in hard questionable spiritual climates when those around you give up, and become followers of the popular common thing to do. Spiritual strength is the ability to continue on your path when everything and everyone around you discourages, reviles and turns against you. It is in these moments that character is built. It is in these moments we clearly see that which we are made of and who will stand with us.

Spiritual strength and capacity is the willingness to go forward even when the easiest thing is to stay still. That is the strength that entire cultures have been built on. That is the strength that will teach and encourage the generations behind us to go forward.

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