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The deaths the last few days of Nate Dogg and Elizabeth Taylor we are reminded of our mortality. Time is fleeting. If you haven’t had a chance to think about it yet here are 8 cities that you should see before you die.

8. London

London is one of the most popular student destinations in the world, and a traveler’s dream. Enjoy the history, majestic sights and incredible diversity.

7. Athens

Athens is historic, yet fast and exciting. See the monuments and then party the night away.

6. Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro is synonymous with fun. Whether you go there for the carnival or just another day at one of the magnificent beaches, you’ll have the time of your life.

5. New York City

The city that never sleeps; the Big Apple is truly all-AmericanCheck out the world famous museums and sights.

4. Beijing

Beijing is China at its best. Needless to say, China is an enormous country, so there’s a lot to see, but Beijing takes the cake.

3. Moscow

Moscow has changed a lot the last ten years, but you’ll still find a city filled with hundreds of years of history. Moscow is impressive, expensive and one of those cities that leaves a lasting impression. Oh, and by the way, the nightlife is great!

2. Paris

Paris is another wonderful city, and you can find pretty cheap flights to and from, so it’s a popular student destination. “The city of lights” is packed with breathtaking monuments, museums and architecture.

1. Rome

Rome. We think it’s one of the most breathtaking and fascinating cities in the world, so much so that if you had to pick just one city on the list to visit, we’d suggest Rome. All the history, the trendy Italians, the vibrant streets and great food – you simply can’t go wrong. It by far has been one of my favorite cities

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