This week’s Exercise of The Week, will involve Mixed Martial Art circuit training. MMA style circuit training is very popular right now. The circuits at the end of this video give you a good idea what MMA training is all about. The good thing about MMA style circuits is that you can simulate many of these movements in your basement, backyard or garage. They are total body movements, which is the best way to increase your heart rate and burn a great deal of calories. The first circuit involves, a medicine ball, a sludge hammer, a couple tires and a pull up bar. If you do not have any of the above mentioned equipment, be creative, you can use a baseball bat , you can fill up a few bags with dirt . The second circuit is easier to duplicate, all you need is a medicine ball and  any type of bag you can fill up with any type of weighted objects. Each station should last about 30 seconds. Take as much rest as you need and give it your best shot.  I apologize for the low volume.  Give these circuits a try and let me know what you think.

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