Today, we’re going to start our own sort of Hall of Fame of Diabolical Fiends.  We have our very first inductee with the crime of cannibalism.  Now, he’s not quite as bad as Jeffrey Dahmer because he doesn’t have enough victims to his credit.  But, the way he carried out this crime could put him at a close second.

On December 15, 2011, Tyree Lincoln Smith, 35, was sleeping on someone’s porch when Angel “Tun Tun” Gonzales discovered him, according to a Connecticut Post report.  He immediately tried to help Smith by asking if he would like to share the apartment he was living in.  He wasn’t inside but moments when he began hacking into his head with an ax.

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The police was notified by his cousin, Nicole Rabb, that he had committed a murder.  Rabb said that Smith had talked with her before about committing a murder, but she thought it was his normal rantings and dismissed them. Smith admitted to Rabb that he took part of Gonzales brain and eye and ate it at her brother’s grave site.

Rabb, helped police nab her cousin for his crimes by getting him to confess over the phone, but it took them until January 20, to take her and his mother seriously.  The body wasn’t discovered in the apartment until then.  He fled to Florida after he came to her home in bloody clothes and used her bathroom to shower.  He packed the clothes in plastic and sat down to her dinner table with her and her two sons and simply said:

“I got my blood.”

The macabre story of murder and madness is much more grim than we expressed here. Thank God this freak is in jail on $1 million bond.  How did he get a bond you ask?  We’re asking the same question. Read the full story here.  Maybe you can figure out how the former model ended up on a Connecticut porch eating people and preparing much more for his mother, sister and father.

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