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UPDATE: NEW INFORMATION: “Queen of Birthers” Orly Taitz responded to this post about her bizarre call to our program Tuesday.  On her website she writes (direct quote): African-American talk show host slambed (sic) the phone in my face and verbally attacked me for speaking up the truth about Obama and and corrupt Secretary of State of Indiana Kathy Lawson who is criminally complicit with Obama. Besides the spelling errors, and the fact that it’s Secretary of State Connie Lawson, Ms. Taitz statement is as phony as the $30 bill. Read the facts, click on the actual audio and hear the truth.

It was a bizarre phone call on AM1310 The Light/WTLC’s Afternoons with Amos talkshow, Indiana’s most listened to Black radio talkshow. While interviewing Indiana’s new Secretary of State Connie Lawson, one of the nation’s most notorious “birthers”, Orly Taitz, called in to press her complaints against President Barack Obama.  Taitz is the California attorney who’s traveled the country pressing her case that President Obama was never born in the United States. Taitz was tipped off to Secretary Lawson’s appearance by a fringe Democratic candidate for Congress Bob Kern. Taitz then mentioned Lawson’s appearance on her website. Taitz called the program, misidentified herself as “Lena” and proceeded to make her unfounded, hateful charges against the President. Taitz even cited controversial Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s charge that the President is a “criminal”.  When host Amos Brown asked if “Lena” was the same person (Taitz) who had testified in February before Indiana’s Election Commission trying to get President Obama thrown off the Indiana ballot, Taitz, now found out by Brown, hung up.

Click the arrow to hear the exchange between Brown, caller “Lena”/Orly Taitz and Secretary of State Lawson’s reply. Runs Three Minutes ©2012 WTLC/Radio One.

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