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We are all looking for ways to save money these days. In an economy that is challenging all of us to rethink the way we live, save and spend our hard earned dollars, it’s important for all of us to save money and consider our financial futures with true and clear perspective. This “Save Money Monday” post is the last in a three part series that details ways to save money.

1. Consider seeing that movie before 6:00 P.M.!

This is one of our soft spots when it comes to spending. We really like watching movies in the theater with the big screen and the great sound effects. But instead of paying those high ticket prices, consider seeing that wonderful flick before 6:00pm when the tickets are a little less expensive.

2. Save for those vacations ASAP!

Talk to a travel agent, plan a vacation and take a percentage out of your paycheck toward that vacation. If you are going friends, make it a fun moment to save together! You can encourage each other and dream of that vacation while looking at the brochures!

3. Do You Need A New Car?

If your car is already paid for or on the verge of being completely yours, consider taking care of it and maintaining it by keeping the oil changed and etc. And if you need a new car, then take that wonderful car you have to the car wash. Give it a good cleaning inside and out and you will truly fall in love with it again. When possible, try to keep your car as long as possible. Try to find the balance between the money spent on repairs versus the monthly installment on another vehicle and choose to run your old car as long as the repair costs are low.


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