Republican candidate for Governor Mike Pence visited the Afternoons with Amos studios for the first time and in a extremely frank interview with Amos talked about his conservatism.  Pence didn’t disguise or sugar coat his conservative views. However Pence talked frankly about what he’d do about improving opportunities for Black-owned and minority-owned business.  Pence talked about reaching out to Black leaders citing his relationship working with the late Cong. Julia Carson on the Federal Second Chance Act which provides funding for area ex-offender re-entry efforts.  Pence also talked about his controversial plan to make sure if elected that state government doesn’t put barriers in the way of families.  Pence talked about what he’d do to help Black fathers get connected with their children after divorce.  Pence also spoke forcefully about encouraging young people, of all races, to wait until becoming married before having children.

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