Troy Riggs, the new Public Safety Director for Indianapolis and Marion County wasn’t afraid to comment on key issues in his first live extended radio interview. Appearing on Afternoons with Amos, Riggs talked plenty with listeners and Amos about a variety of issues confronting public safety agencies in Indy, including police.  Speaking in an unassuming manner, encouraging people to call him “Troy”, the new Public Safety Director talked about crime statistics and increasing diversity on the police and fire departments. Riggs heard listeners concerns and complaints about police and neighborhood issues that could lead to crime. Riggs promised follow-up and responses to those concerns even if the answers “aren’t what people want to hear”. Riggs talked strongly about wanting his officers and members of the public safety team to treat everyone with respect. He gave a story from his first days as a Louisville Police officer to make that case. Riggs said his first police boss, a Captain, ordered him to increase patrols in the working class white neighborhood where Riggs lived; using a pejorative to describe Riggs’ neighbors.  Riggs told Amos and listeners that experience angered him and reinforced his desire that his officers and members of Public Safety must treat everyone equally and with respect. Riggs also updated the community on the ongoing investigation into the tragic explosion in the southside Richmond Hill neighborhood

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