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It’s a doggone shame that some pastors are now willing to exploit their own daughters for fame and money. Helping kids grow up to love Jesus with all their heart soul and mind, should be every Chrisitan parent goal, even if he/she are a pastor or not.

I agree that a pastor/daddy/husband’s position can bring somewhat of a unique, rare, unusual, and demanding struggle to a family. But the idea of exploiting and putting your child signs on front street in the world to see is crazy to me. It’s true evil does lie at the root of money. Update: check out a comment left below from a 14 year old PK kid.

First let me say I am not a preacher’s kid but I grew up with some who were. And if you’re a PK maybe you can answer these questions which were found on a message board.

1).Why do preacher kids have a reputation for being “the wild child”?

2).Is it true when a young person have a pastor for a parent, the child will often rebel in drinking, drugs, sex, crime, or whatever?

3).Is the reason for most PK rebellion because they are expected to live up to to higher a standard?

4).Why do Pk have to behave properly and have good manners and resist all temptation when others in their peer group do not?

5).Why do PK parents embarrass their children from the pulpit on Sunday morning?

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