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Tara and Brian Lewis were the objects of ridicule when they starred on season 1 of TLC’s “The Sisterhood.” The interracial couple was new to Atlanta when introduced to co-stars Christina Murray, DeLana Rutherford, Domonique Scott and Ivy Couch. From the beginning, things went left and Tara never truly felt the Christ-like love she’d expected from her fellow first ladies.

The couple spoke to Sister 2 Sister about their difficult TV experience, their ministry, why they no longer speak to their co-stars, the negativity of “wives” shows, Tara’s decision not to visit Domonique’s former pimp and whether they’d return for a second season.

Tracy: Was “The Sisterhood” what you expected?

Tara: The only type of reality shows that we had been watching were shows that had to do with homes, like “Extreme Makeover.” I never watched any “Housewives” reality shows. So, I had heard about them, but was I prepared for that experience? No, because I came in with the mindset that these are Christian women, godly women who are also leaders in their church. Was it what I expected? No.

Brian: We didn’t know that it was definitely going to be a “wives” show because that has a whole different vibe to it. We thought it was going to be a docu-series, but a “wives” show is more of a docu-soap. We thought they were really going to focus on our life and our ministries and how we related as Christians. We believed that the show was going to be more focused on, “Hey, everybody has the same problems, the same issues, but we handle them as Christians.” We involve Christ into everything that we do.  It’s not what I thought it was going to be.

Tracy: A lot of reality stars admit they learn a lot about themselves and identify areas where they need to change after seeing themselves on TV. Did you watch and discover things about yourself that you want to work on?

Tara: For me, it’s a little difficult to answer that because I really did want to go on there and after having had an inclination of the way the women were, the way things were going, I knew how important it was for me to be different than what we’ve seen. The only way that I can really answer that is to say when I watched it, I’m so thankful that I did demonstrate a behavior that I was proud of. I learned that I can have self-control when somebody is attacking me and disparaging remarks, or mocking me, or speaking ill of me right in my face. I learned that I really do have the ability to contain myself… If you really want to have a different disposition from someone else who’s misbehaving or acting out, you can do it.

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