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The saying is true: college really is the best years of your life. Not only do you live on your own, grow comfortable in your own skin and party until you pass out, you meet some of the most amazing people and those bonds grow into lifelong friendships.

Fast forward four years to graduation, and then another couple of years of “living in the real world,” keeping in touch with your college ride-or-dies can seem more like a chore than pleasure.

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Post-college life can be a whirlwind and now that your network of friends no longer live down the hall or around the corner — they are disbursed across the country or even the globe — it takes serious effort on both parties to stay connected.

Here are 5 tips we rounded up to help you maintain healthily relationships with your best friends from college.

1. Utilize social media. 

Thank God for Facebook, Skype, Instagram and Twitter. These days it’s fairly easy to stay on the radar and up to date with what’s going on in your friend’s lives. To make it more personal, consider creating a Facebook group for your close circle of friends. This will allow you to easily write updates and share photos of your new life after college.

2. Call for life’s major events.

Yes, we live in a culture were sending a casual text is more common than a phone call, but to keep in touch with your friends after college you have to actually put forth energy. Keep text messages reserved for informal “hellos” and “how are you doings.” When it comes to the major events in life — weddings, births, funerals, advanced degrees, divorces, surgeries and home buying — pick up the phone! It’s always better to hear a live voice during life’s big, tear-jerking moments.

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