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Despite efforts in the Indiana General Assembly with the battle over Senate Bill 621, commonly referred to as the UniGov Power Grab, which among other provisions would make it harder for the Marion County Sheriff to do his job as mandated by Indiana’s Constitution, Sheriff John Layton promises to continue to serve the people of Marion County and perform the duties of the Marion County Sheriff.  In an exclusive interview on Afternoons with Amos, Layton set the record straight about his fiscal management of the Sheriff’s Office.  Mayor Greg Ballard had charged two weeks ago on AM1310 The Light’s Unity in the Community that the Sheriff had nearly bankrupted the county.  Speaking with Amos and listeners, Sheriff Layton patiently explained that each year he’s presented a budget to the Mayor and the City-County Council.  Each year, the Mayor and the City Controller have reduced the Sheriff’s budget request.  Then when expenses for housing and feeding jail inmates (the biggest portion of the Sheriff’s budget) went over those Mayor mandated budget cuts, the Sheriff had to come to the Council for more funds.  Also, for several years, Sheriff Layton says, Wishard Hospital handled the cost to provide medical treatment of prisoners brought to Wishard Hospital by city police.  Now that expense is borne by the Sheriff budget, even though Sheriff’s deputies don’t request the medical treatments. Those expenses can’t be fully estimated each year, says Layton, because it depends on how many individuals in police custody need medical attention.  Sheriff Layton blasted the legislation pushed by the Mayor that would force the Sheriff and the county’s other constitutional officeholders to have to beg for their budget appropriations every three months.  When asked whether a suit lawsuit might be filed if the plan becomes law, Sheriff Layton said it probably would.  In a most surprising development, Sheriff Layton revealed that he’s only met once with Mayor Ballard since Layton took office in 2011. Layton also revealed that neither the Mayor, nor mayoral aides nor legislators pushing these unneeded UniGov reforms had ever reached out to talk with Sheriff Layton about them or get his input.  Click the link to hear the full interview with Sheriff Layton.  Runs 41 Minutes ©2013 WTLC/Radio One. AWA SHERIFF LAYTON INTERVIEW 040913