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Marilyn Martin

(Photo : Marilyn Martin)

Marilyn Martin has had a number one hit with Phil Collins in 1985 called “Separate Lives.”  She had an orginal song written for her by Madonna and she sang for the diva on her multiplatinum ”Like a Prayer” record.  Now, she is back with a Christian album “Trust, Love, Pray” (which was recently reviewed here at Breathecast.com).  Recently we sat down with her to talk with her about her journey in the secular music world, her faith, her new CD and her future plans.

BREATHEcast: You scored a number one record with Phil Collins in 1985 called “Separate Lives,” how did you did a number one record change your life?

It was quite an eye opener having my first song become such a success. What an incredible blessing, but in some ways I wasn’t really ready. I had spent my career up to that point in the comfort zone of singing other peoples songs in cover bands and singing background vocals for Joe Walsh and Stevie Nicks…not being the focal point, so the biggest change was adjusting to the attention I was getting.

BREATHEcast: You also got a chance to record an original song by Madonna and Patrick Leonard called “Possessive Love” and you did sing backing vocals for Madonna on her “Like a Prayer” album. How did you get to work with Madonna? What was it like working with her? Are you still in contact with her?

I met Pat Leonard when I began the search for a producer for my second album. He’s the one who approached Madonna with the idea of writing a song for me and she graciously agreed. Pat called me one day while he was working on her “Like A Prayer” album and asked if I would like to come and sing backgrounds…talk about an “Are you kidding?” moment!! She was impressive, to say the least, very in charge. That was the only time I met her.

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