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Pastor Deitrick Haddon spoke to the Communities about California Assembly Bill 1121, which will bring transgender bathrooms to California, and how that will effect morality.

Haddon will be featured on Oxygen Media on the reality show, “Pastors of L.A.” This docu-series aims to give Oxygen viewers a candid and revealing look at the personal and professional lives of young pastorsHaddon is a Gospel singer, youth pastor, and award winning songwriter, producer, and actor. He recently created a youth choir called The League of Extraordinary Worshippers, and is launching an album entitled “R.E.D.,” Restoring Everything Damaged.

According to Haddon, morality has to be taught in the classrooms, but training in citizenship and tolerance are being shunned. Students were once expected to learn racial tolerance, but now we are faced with a situation where sexual preference takes precedence over every other problem that plagues our school systems in California.

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