Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry came to Afternoons with Amos and talked with Amos and listeners about a range of subjects.  Curry explained his role, as County Prosecutor, in dealing with citizens filing petitions to have their criminal records expunged and sealed.  Under the new law, called the Second Chance Law, County Prosecutors have the right to file comments on petitions for expunging criminal records of the most serious violent crimes.  Curry told Amos that he has a staffer in his office whose job it will be to work on those types of petition requests.  Prosecutor Curry also talked about a forum he’s sponsoring at Butler University to help educate parents ans the community about bullying and what parents can do to protect their children.  Prosecutor Curry also talked about the growing crime in Marion County and whether the city’s looming budget crisis could negatively impact his ability to prosecute cases.  Click the Arrow to hear Prosecutor Terry Curry’s Interview With Amos and Listeners. Runs 29 Minutes. ©2013 WTLC/Radio One.