Carlee Soto lost her big sister to gun violence.  Like far too many in our African-American community, Ms. Soto is grieving the loss of a devoted family member because of the senseless gun violence.  Ms. Soto’s sister was named Victoria.  She always wanted to be a teacher and her dream job was teaching first graders.  She was in her classroom that dark December day last year at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Victoria Soto shielded her students with her body as bullets from gunman Adam Lanza took her life in that bloody massacre that killed Victoria and five other adults and twenty children.  Carlee Soto was in Indianapolis as part of the No More Names Bus Tour sponsored by Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  The tour bus held a rally in the heart of the hood at Douglas Park at 25th and Rev. Andrew Brown Avenue. Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard has refused to join the organization. And has given absolutely no reason why.  Even though the amount of gun violence in Indianapolis, much of it from illegal guns, is increasing.  In the interview Carlee Soto talked passionately about her sister and her sacrifice. She also talked the heartbreak she and her family have endured since the Newtown tragedy.  And Soto emotionally appeal to Mayor Ballard to join her and others pushing to curb illegal guns. Carlee Soto is on this tour to encourage American to pressure lawmakers, especially Indiana Senator Dan Coats to join what the vast number of Americans want which is universal background checks for gun buyers.  Click the Link to find out more about the No More Names Bus Tour and what you can do to curb gun violence.  No More Names Website Click the Arrow to Hear Carlee Soto’s Appeal and Emotional Interview with Amos.  Runs 11 Minutes ©2013 WTLC/Radio One. 

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