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I want to be completely honest about something. I have the hardest time purchasing clothes for work. I can go into a shop or boutique and pick out and purchase the cutest little black dress, but when it comes to selecting suits and other more office appropriate attire, I fall completely short and it’s because I never feel 100 percent comfortable in “typical” office attire.

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If it were accepted, I would totally show up to meetings, interviews and other office events in jeans, T-shirt and flip flops/flats. That is why I called upon one of my style inspirations, fellow Attorney and Lifestyle Correspondent Lauren Craig, Esq. (also known as InaWordFab) to share with us the wardrobe possibilities of remaining professional, yet keeping your sense of style.

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Here are 7 must have wardrobe pieces for the interviewing and working woman:

1) A black blazer with a “strong shoulder.” Lauren suggests thinking of a “gladiator in a suit.”

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