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Two of the greatest evangelistic tools known to mankind is death and one’s own testimony. I’m believing that the sudden death of the Creekside High School football player who died in a scrimmage game Friday night was weighing heavy on these young men heart and mind.

According to AJC.COM, De’Antre Turman, an 11th grader and cornerback for the Seminoles, died after being hurt on the Banneker High School field in College Park, the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed on Saturday.  Turman, 16, died of a broken neck later Friday night at Grady Memorial Hospital. The Medical Examiner’s Office said Turman’s death resulted from his neck vertebrae being broken “due to blunt force trauma.”

 According to the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Facebook page. Today was one of  the greatest and the biggest move of God for their ministry.  They ask their facebook friends and followers one beautiful question: Do you believe God can save a football team? If not here’s your proof!!
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