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It is one of the major issues of the coming year 2014. Even though Indiana Law mandates that marriages recognized by the state must be between a man and a woman, the Indiana Legislature is considering having a referendum to add a two sentence NEW SECTION into Indiana’s Constitution about this. So, Afternoons with Amos wants to know how our African-American Community feels about the issue the media is calling the MARRIAGE AMENDMENT REFERENDUM.  Here is the EXACT TEXT of the question that would be on the Referendum.

SECTION 2. ARTICLE 1 OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF INDIANA IS AMENDED BY ADDING A NEW SECTION TO READ AS FOLLOWS: Section 38. Only a marriage between one (1) man and one (1) woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Indiana. A legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized.

How do YOU feel about this Amendment. If the REFERENDUM were held TODAY – How would YOU Vote?  Click one of the choices below.  You can see the results.  Below read comments from listeners e-mails and text messages.  Then hear from the record number of callers who expressed their views and feelings on the Indiana Marriage Amendment and the issues involved during a Special Edition of Afternoons with Amos devoted to this important, personal topic for our African-American community and our State.

Click the Arrows to Hear this Special Afternoons with Amos broadcast of the Indianapolis African-American community’s feelings on this critical topic. ©2013 WTLC/Radio One.

Part 1 Runs 57 Minutes –

Part 2 Runs 40 Minutes –

Read e-mail/text message comments: However, I believe people are missing that marriage is not just a relationship status it is an INSTITUTION. It is the first INSTITUTION ordained by God. No one should get the benefits of marriage and not be married. The enemy wants to degrade marriage as an INSTITUTION to just a status. People need to understand that sex was ordained for the institution of marriage. So why should anyone who is not married have the same rights to the institution God has ordained? You can’t call your self a Christian without believing in Christ.

A big fat NO. Why do Christians always feel they are right? Many other faiths and nonbelievers live here also. All deserve equal treatment.

No! Church folks r quik 2 condemn the gay lifestyle but say nothin about Bro. Joe messing w/Sis. Ann or crooked Pastors. Just a bunch of HYPOCRITES!!

The Old Testament and Quran consider it an a abomination so Jews, Christians and Muslims all oppose gay marriage

If S.S. Couple get married how does that affect me? My neighbor kills I’m not going 2 jail. They are. We have a lot more 2 worry about like minding our BUSINESS!

Voting NO! I am always bothered when my fellow Christians start with this the BIBLE SAYS…. This is not a nation of just Christians

Regardless of what the Bible says or anything else 2 men can’t make an offspring 2 women can not make an offspring. That shows it’s wrong straight up