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It’s an area of the world that’s been around since the dawn of time. It’s an area of the world many are familiar with because of the writings of the Holy Scriptures.  It’s a modern nation of 8 million people in a key region of the world – the Middle East.  It’s the State of Israel. A strong friend and ally of the United States, but a country where many African-Americans know a lot about because of The Bible and history but also know little about.  In a first ever Afternoons with Amos interview, a member of the Israeli Government appeared to talk about his country and the issues the State of Israel faces in the world.  Roey Gilad is Consul General in the Midwest Consulate of the State of Israel based in Chicago. Gilad is a veteran Israeli diplomat who has served his country as a diplomat in Great Britain, Jordan and Kenya.  In an exclusive radio interview, Gilad talked about the issues facing the State of Israel today, from Iran and its nuclear ambitions, the situation with the Palestinians and what is called “a two state solution”.

Consul General Gilad talked about the relationship between American Presidents and Israeli Prime Ministers in the context of concerns of African-Americans about the relationship between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama. In response to a listener question about Israel’s support of the former apartheid government of South Africa, Gilad talked frankly about that past “mistake” and said that Israel was working to repair relations with the Black-majority South African government and other African  nations.  Gilad talked about Black Jews and the important contributions they make to Israeli society.  He also talked about a domestic issue in his country, illegal immigration from African nations.  In response to a listener comment, Gilad saluted this year’s Miss Israel in the Miss Universe Pageant, the first Israeli of African heritage in that position. Gilad cited that as an example of his nation’s openness.  Click the Arrow to Hear First Hand About a Country Many Are Aware of, but may not know about. Amos’ Interview With Israeli Consul General Roey Gilad.  Runs 36 Minutes ©2013 WTLC/Radio One.