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Expo Shooter in Trouble Again

The man who was convicted of the shooting spree at Indiana Black Expo’s 2010 Summer Celebration, is now facing forgery charges in connection with reporting false employer names and faking signatures on his work release papers, according to The Indianapolis Star. Shamus Patton will have to answer to 30 charges in addition to six other forgery charges that were filed against him last summer.

Police started an investigation of Patton on these forgery allegations after he was arrested following a police chase back in June, just two months after his release from prison. Patton served a shortened sentence for being the trigger man in the shootings after IBE’s Summer Celebration let out on the Saturday of the cultural event.

Patton was required to submit a daily employer contact sheet to prove he was looking for work as a condition of his work-release program.  Detectives discovered as a part of their investigation last fall  that signatures in his paperwork did not match names at the businesses. Furthermore, some infractions included businesses who were not at the addresses listed on the contact sheets Patton turned in.

Patton is now awaiting trial on the previous forgery charges that are each punishable by up to eight years behind bars. Patton’s initial hearing on these new forgery charges is currently scheduled for  Feb. 11. It is unknown whether he’ll appear in the Marion Superior Court courtroom.


Source:  Indianapolis Star

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