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UPDATED WITH PARK TUDOR’S EXPLANATION OF WHAT HAPPENED: A day after the controversy and confusion over Park Tudor School serving a “Black History Month” Lunch to students at their school this week which unleashed a flood of media reports and huge outcry in social media, Park Tudor told their side of the story and explained what happened to Indianapolis’ African-American community.  Appearing on the Amos & Abdul Fridays on Afternoons with Amos, Park Tudor Schools’ Director of Diversity and Inclusion Dr. John Daves explained what happened and why.  Along with the explanation, Daves explained Park Tudor’s School’s commitment to diversity which includes incorporating the roles of persons of color and women into their regular curriculum at the elementary, middle and high school. The controversy began February 27th with the revelation that on February 26th, the school’s food service vendor, a West Virginia based company served students a lunch titled “Black History Month Lunch”. The lunch consisted of Fried Chicken, with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy and Collard Greens and a Apple. Students also had a choice of a Veggie Burger or Panini.  After social media exploded with outrage, Park Tudor School, the most expensive and prestigious school in Indianapolis and Central Indiana, condemned the lunch calling it “a misguided attempt” at celebrating Black History Month put together by the vendor that prepares the school’s lunches. park tudor logoClick the Arrow to Hear the Interview with Park Tudor School’s Dr. John Daves. Runs 17 Minutes. ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.