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Media mogul Tyler Perry, 44, is enjoying the success of his ratings-grabbing OWN drama The Haves and Have

Nots. Last month, it drew a record-breaking 3.4 million viewers to Oprah Winfrey’s network.

But the success of the show has not negated the negative feelings some carry toward one of the main

characters, Hanna Young, a deeply flawed Christian portrayed by actress Crystal Fox—whom Perry defends.

The problem?

Hanna’s staunch religious stance seemingly conflicts with her uncharacteristic attitudes and behaviors. But

Perry argues, she is a realistic depiction of what people of faith honestly look like.

Recently, on an episode of “The Tyler Perry Show,” the creator, executive producer and writer of the dramatic

series said, “Because she’s Christian. And lots of people [don’t agree with her behavior], man, they are giving

you, ‘What kind of Christian does not talk to their daughter? What kind of Christian does not tell her daughter

where her son his?’”

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