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In a lively, and in some cases unconventional discussion of issues facing residents of Indiana’s 7th Congressional District, three of the four Democratic candidates for 7th District Congress appeared on Afternoons with Amos. The three, Curtis Godfrey, Pierre Pullins and Rev. Muoja Ajabu displayed different styles in talking to Amos and listeners about their campaigns, why they’re running and where they stand on the issues that concern the community.  The 7th District consists entirely of Center, Warren, Wayne, Perry, Decatur and Franklin Townships and most of Pike, Washington and Lawrence Townships.

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Curtis Godfrey

Curtis Godfrey is a first time candidate who says he’s running for Congress because the residents of the district need to have representation.  One of his priorities if elected would be to focus on youth aged 13 to 17 to provide Federal grants to provide jobs for those youth.  Godfrey strongly criticized Federal aid to third world countries, saying that those monies should be focused on fixing up infrastructure and helping Americans.  Godfrey strongly supports the Affordable Care Act, protecting and preserving Social Security and helping veterans, especially improving benefits for those who served in the military.

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Pierre Pullins

This is Pierre Pullins fourth time running for Congress. Pullins is greatly concerned about the integrity of the voting process, citing as examples his strong belief that he was the victim of voting fraud by election officials several years ago.  Pullins believes that the US Justice Department and President Barack Obama hasn’t done enough to fight for civil rights, with Pullins citing the Justice Department’s failure to bring civil rights charges against George Zimmerman in the death of Trayvon Martin as an example. Listeners were a bit surprised when in the interview Pullins said that President Obama should resign because he hasn’t fought enough for civil rights.

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Rev. Muoja Ajabu

This is Rev. Muoja Ajabu’s second run for Congress, having run against Julia Carson in 1996. Rev. Ajabu told Amos and listeners that he’s running against some of the official stances of the Democratic Party.  Reading from a single spaced, multiple page prepared statement, Rev. Ajabu told listeners that he was a pro-Christian, pro-life, anti gay marriage candidate.  In the first fifteen minutes of his opening statement, Rev. Ajabu talked about his life and career saying those were the things that prepared him to run this year for Congress. After a break, Ajabu continued with his prepared statement for several more minutes as he talked about his son’s incarceration for involvement in a multiple murder in the 1990’s. Also in his prepared statement which took up most of the interview, Rev. Ajabu lashed out at Rep. Andre Carson for not being connected with district residents. At the same time Rev. Ajabu declaring numerous times how much he loved and supported Carson’s grandmother, the late Rep. Julia Carson.  Click the Arrows to hear the Afternoons with Amos interviews with the candidates for the Democratic nomination for 7th District Congress. ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.

Curtis Godfrey – Runs 29 Minutes.

Pierre Pullins – Runs 26 Minutes.

Rev. Muoja Ajabu – Runs 40 Minutes.