Media mogul Oprah Winfrey is looking to expand her mark in the food and beverage industry. According to reports, Winfrey filed paperwork to trademark a new collection of bottled drinks and food. The line will feature coconut water, energy drinks, lemonade, and bottled water. Other products include spices, baked goods, dairy, meat, fish, preserved food […]

NewsOne takes a look at some of the trending stories in the news. We kick things off in this edition of Trending Topics TV with hackers…

For the eighth election season, Afternoons with Amos has embarked on providing the most live interviews with candidates in the November 4th General and School Board Elections. Between now and Election Day, Afternoons with Amos will try and conduct as many as 90 live interviews with candidates for Federal, State, state legislative, Marion County, Marion County Township and Indianapolis […]

In a lively, and in some cases unconventional discussion of issues facing residents of Indiana’s 7th Congressional District, three of the four Democratic candidates for 7th District Congress appeared on Afternoons with Amos. The three, Curtis Godfrey, Pierre Pullins and Rev. Muoja Ajabu displayed different styles in talking to Amos and listeners about their campaigns, […]

For the next several weeks, Afternoons with Amos is featuring Democratic and Republican candidates running in two Indianapolis area Congressional Districts. The 5th District and the 7th District. First up, candidates running in the Democratic primary in the 5th District.  The District includes all of Hamilton, Madison, Tipton and Grant Counties, plus the Eastern parts […]

Who doesn’t need extra money these days?  Well if you are over 50 years old there may be some cash available to you before you reach retirement years.  The key is you have to search for it.  It is out there!  Won’t God do it!!!!! Apparently there are some programs that may put you thousands […]

Have you ever read your Social Security statement?  Most of my clients say, “No”.  Many people simply get it in the mail and stash it in…

You’ve read in newspapers and magazines and heard it on TV and radio.  The hype from Washington that Social Security is going broke. That Medicare is on its last legs.  That the money people have paid into Social Security is all gone.  That the government can “raid” the cash from the Social Security Trust Fund.  […]

Between 1946 and 1964, there were 76 million children born, which was an average of more than 4 millionaire births per year.  That growth surge…

With more people receiving Social Security benefits every year, there’s lot of interest in the programs and services Social Security offers.  In their first appearance on Afternoons With Amos in four years, officials from the Indianapolis office of the Social Security Administration appeared to talk about the different programs and answer listener questions. Charo Boyd […]

EXCLUSIVE: In their only broadcast debate, Democratic Rep. Andre Carson and Republican challenger Carlos May clashed sharply on a wide variety of issues during a formal debate Monday. The two men in the race for the 7th Congressional District seat appeared in a special edition of Afternoons with Amos. At times the discussion between Rep. […]

Under pressure after President Barack Obama gave a less than stellar performance in the first President Debate, Vice-President Joe Biden was under intense pressure to Stand and Deliver.  And in the Vice-Presidential debate Biden did, taking the fight to Rep. Paul Ryan, repeatedly challenging Ryan and Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s policies.  Using straight talk, […]