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new laytonOver an eight week period, Afternoons with Amos aired thirty interviews with Republican and Democratic candidates in the May 6 Primary Elections for Federal and Marion County Offices.  The final candidate in primary election interviews was Sheriff John Layton, who is running in the Democratic Party for a second term.  During the interview, Sheriff Layton talked about his accomplishments during his first four years and talked about what he wants to accomplish if re-elected. The Sheriff talked with Amos and listeners about a number of issues facing the Marion County Sheriff’s department, including the possibility of building a new Marion County Jail, instituting a Merit Board procedure for Deputies, similar to what exists for IMPD officers.  Sheriff Layton says Marion County is the only one that doesn’t have a merit system for Sheriff’s Deputies and employees.  Layton talked about the thousands of warrants his deputies are responsible for apprehending those individuals wanted for crimes or for not appearing in the court. Sheriff Layton said that his office “prioritizes” going after the most violence wanted persons first, but acknowledges that he doesn’t have enough deputies to handle over “20,000 warrants”.  In the interview Sheriff Layton also talked about being of assistance in helping fight some of the rising crime in Indianapolis, the importance of maintaining the Sex Offender Registry and being a partner with police and the community in law enforcement.  Click the Media Player to Hear Sheriff John Layton’s Afternoons with Amos Interview. Runs 42 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.

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