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GOP County Clerk Candidate Christine Bischoff

The Republican candidate for Marion County Clerk made her first appearance of the campaign on Afternoons with Amos and in a wide ranging interview took an open minded stance of issues of voting and voter access. Christine Bischoff is a former Marine, a mom, a member of the elected Franklin Township Advisory Board and she’s running or County Clerk an office that not only deals with the paperwork functions of the county’s court system but also deals with the administration of elections.  Asked her views on early voting, Bischoff didn’t take the stance some Republicans have in dismissing early voting.  She said she didn’t have a problem with have a several days of early voting or locations in addition to the City-County Building.  Her concerns were security of the voting process and whether you could recruit enough workers to make early voting work.  Bischoff talked about the importance of having conversations and dialogue with residents of the city/county about the voting process. Especially hearing from the men and women who work the polls election day.  As a former Marine, Bischoff said she understood the strong feelings the Black community has about voting and said she wanted to make voting easier, but making sure the process was secure.  Bischoff said that technology should be used more in the County Clerks’ office. Bischoff has owned her own technology oriented business so she feels that experience would help her as the next County Clerk.  Another area where she feels she has experience deals with the thorny issue of child support. The County Clerk is responsible for making sure child support payments from dads are quickly processed and credited to the moms.  Bischoff said that she’s the daughter of a single mom who had trouble receiving her child support payments.  Bischoff feels that experience will help her understand the problems and issues in order to work on behalf of the responsible moms and dads in the community. Click the Media Player to Hear the Afternoons with Amos Interview with GOP Marion County Clerk candidate Christine Bischoff. Runs 27 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.