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flanner seniorsFor 116 years, since 1898, Flanner House has served first Indianapolis’ “colored”, then Negro, then Black, and now its African-American community with programs and services.  Flanner House, now located at 24th and Martin Luther King in Watkins Park, is the oldest community center serving Indianapolis’ African-American population.  The Center’s current Executive Director, Wilbert Buckner appeared on Afternoons with Amos with a two fold mission. First, to invite everyone who’d ever used Flanner House’s services, or worked at the organization, or was educated in Flanner House’s Child Development Center or who had their parents and grandparents as members of Flanner House Senior Citizens program to attend a first ever Flanner House Reunion.  But more importantly, Buckner wanted Afternoons with Amos listeners and the general community to know about the 21st century Flanner House.  flanner house kidsThe organization which moved into their current building in 1979, has woefully outgrown its space.  To continue to serve the needs of residents of the near northwest side of the city, Flanner House’s physical facilities must grow.  The organization’s core programs not only include Seniors and the Child Development Center, but the Flanner House Center for Working Families offers a variety of outreach programs that assist with developing and maintaining a strong family foundation. Learn More about how this institution that began in the waning years of the 19th Century is working today in the 21st Century helping our community. Click the Media Player to Hear Amos’ Interview with Flanner House Executive Director Wilbert Buckner. Runs 16 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.

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