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Tatyana Ali, Charles Dutton stars of the UP original film

“Comeback Dad”

Tatyana Ali, Charles S. Dutton stars of the UP original movie “Comeback Dad” set to premiere Saturday, July 12.


“Comeback Dad” is a dramatic, emotional father-daughter reunion film, starring Charles S. Dutton (Rudy, “Roc”), Tatyana Ali (“Love That Girl!,” “The Fresh Price of Bel-Air”) and Brad James (UP’s Marry Me For Christmas, “For Better or Worse”) with two time Emmy winner Loretta Devine (UP’s Saving Westwood High, “Grey’s Anatomy”). Filmed in Atlanta, Comeback Dad will debut exclusively on UP on Saturday, July 12. 


The script is by newcomer Kimberly Walker, the Honorable Mention Winner in last year’s UP Faith & Family Screenplay Competition at the American Black Film Festival. 

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