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Carolyn Davis, Mother of Major Davis, Jr. in Afternoons with Amos Studio

In a firm, slightly angry, yet plaintive plea, the mother of the man accused of murdering IMPD Officer Perry Renn lashed out at what she calls “slanderous” statements made in public and in media against her. Appearing on Afternoons with Amos, Carolyn Davis, mother of Major Davis, Jr. sharply denied those who have said that she made the statement that Officer Renn should never have gotten out of his car, the night he was killed.  In the live interview, Davis was adamant that she never uttered those words.  She’s upset that individuals and in her mind media organizations have said that she did.  In the interview she challenged anyone to provide proof or documentation that she actually said what she’s accused of saying.  She told Afternoons with Amos listeners, “I would never say those words. There’s no paperwork, no recording of anything to my knowledge of me saying those words.” In the days after Officer Renn’s death, there were those who said that Mrs. Davis had said such a thing.  The controversy began with a story on WISH-TV/Channel 8 that interviewed members of Major Davis’ family, but NOT Carolyn Davis herself.  The story does say that “The family did say it is sorry for Officer Renn’s family, but they said the tragedy may have been avoided if Officer Renn would’ve stayed at his car”. But the Channel 8 story didn’t interview or quote Carolyn Davis. Davis says the misinformation and untrue statements needs to stop.  Also in the interview, Carolyn Davis revealed that medics pronounced her son dead the night of the shooting, but that he was revived. She used that resuscitation as a plea to Prosecutor Terry Curry that her son shouldn’t face the death penalty for his actions. Carolyn Davis also talked about an August 23rd rally, at the location of Officer Renn’s death to help stop all violence in Indianapolis.  She was joined by the Rev. Muoja Ajabu who said that it was important for folks to speak out against all violence in the city. Click the Media Player To Hear the Afternoons with Amos Interview with Carolyn Davis, Mother of Accused Murderer Major Davis, Jr. Runs 12 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.