kila hayes and indy crew in ferguson

Kila Hayes and 9 Others From Indy Unloading supplies in Ferguson, MO (Photo by Kila Hayes)

Over the weekend, a group of ten Indianapolis residents journeyed the five or so hours to the St. Louis area to Ferguson, Missouri. Their goal was to show solitary and sympathy to the people of Ferguson and to bring water, snacks, first aid and other supplies to those whose stores might be closed because of the unrest. One of the ten Hoosiers who traveled to Ferguson was Kila Hayes.  On Afternoons with Amos, Kila Hayes talked about what she saw in Ferguson and why she went and participated. In the live conversation with Amos, and Indiana Civil Rights Commission Executive Director Jamal Smith (who happened to be in studio during the interview), Kila talked about the friendliness of the people of Ferguson. Kila Hayes also said there were many whites who were in the streets and on the sidewalks of Ferguson peacefully protesting and standing in solidarity with the family of Michael Brown.  That’s something, said Hayes, people haven’t seen in media accounts. Click the Media Player to Hear Indy Resident Kila Hayes’ Eyewitness Account of Her Time in Ferguson, Missouri. Runs 13 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.