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You would think that after being on a nationally syndicated television show for about two months straight with approximately 3 million people around the world watching you every week and finishing as a top 3 finalist that I wouldn’t have to work as hard to achieve my goals.

Well….not exactly, I’ve actually had to work harder.

Following my “Sunday Best” appearance, I have experienced some ups and downs and definitely some challenges but all in all I believe that my dreams are worth it.  Since the show, I’ve been blessed to continue working as a background singer for different artists such as Angie Stone, Ledisi, Ne-Yo, KeKe Wyatt and many other major artists.

I have been writing, made a few TV appearances and the biggest accomplishment was getting signed to Tyscot Records. See, even in what some may think is a loss, God can turn it into a WIN. I’m FINALLY coming out with my own project Light in the Dark. Yay! I’ve known for a few years before “Sunday Best” and before getting signed that my first album would be titled Light in the Dark.

I just didn’t know what the journey to getting to Light in the Dark would be like. I will definitely say that no matter how dark my life may have been at certain moments, no matter the trials, no matter how hard the tests, no matter who comes and goes, God ALWAYS has and will provide a “light in the dark.”

I will ALWAYS find my “light in the dark.”

I will choose to ALWAYS be grateful.

I will ALWAYS choose peace over pain.

I WILL choose to control MY atmosphere and energy and make it positive.

God has given us this power. The bible says that, “life and death is in the power of the tongue.”

So, you have the power to always see the positive in a negative situation…the “Light in the Dark.” #imaLIGHTERareyou #LightintheDark #DanetraMoore.

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