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tavis smileyIn the final twelve months of his life, from April 4, 1967 till his death April 4, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wasn’t the most admired man in Black America or America.  In fact his support and popularity was at all time lows.  All because of his strong opposition to the Vietnam War.  Now Indiana’s own, broadcaster and author Tavis Smiley has written a new book on Dr. King’s final year of life and the price he paid – professionally and personally – for taking such a strong stand against the Vietnam War. Smiley_Death-of-a-King-wSmiley’s new book, published by Little Brown and Company is Death Of A King.  And its received outstanding reviews and has sold out its first printing.  In an exclusive Afternoons with Amos interview, Tavis Smiley talked about why he wrote the book and the struggles Dr. King faced.  Smiley said that with his speech at the famed Riverside Church in New York City, support for Dr. King’s movement literally dried up.  Major civil rights leaders condemned his stand on the war, which in 1967 was still somewhat popular in the Black community.  Smiley writes in the book about Dr. King’s struggles with his staff, doubts from his family. King even gained weight and was smoking more heavily and imbibing in booze. Smiley writes that Dr. King’s popularity even among Blacks had deteriorated in the final months of his life.  Death Of A King is a provocative book and gives great insight into the struggles of a man whose position on the Vietnam War would be vindicated by history. Also in this exclusive Afternoons with Amos interview, Tavis Smiley shares his thoughts on the crisis President Barack Obama faces in the Mideast and the threat from ISIL terrorists. And on a lighter note, Tavis Smiley talked with Amos and listeners about a decision surprising to many.  Smiley being a contestant on this Fall’s edition of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Smiley explained why he made the commitment to do the show; the hard work it entails and his positive attitude going into the grueling competition. Click the Media Player to Hear Amos’ Exclusive Interview With An Indiana Legend Tavis Smiley. Runs 22 Minutes. ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.