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THIS STORY WILL BE UPDATED  A review by New York Times TV critic Alessandra Stanley of the new ABC TV show How I Got Away With Murder has unleashed a firestorm of emotion and reaction across Twitter and social media as Stanley accused the show’s Executive Producer Shonda Rhimes of being “an Angry Black Woman”.

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Super Producer Shonda Rhimes

The 1,511 word review which was posted on line last Friday and printed in Sunday’s Times described Rhimes and Murder’s star Viola Davis and other Black women in less than flattering descriptions. Not only did the article review Murder, but also Rhimes two other hit series Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy. Focusing only on the Black female characters and describing them in less than flattering terms.  Stanley’s review contained numerous errors of fact.

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NY Times TV Critic Alessandra Stanley

Which is normal for the Times reviewer who has had numerous problems with accuracy in the past.   (Read Alessandra Stanley’s Original NY Times Article  ORIGINAL NY TIMES ARTICLE ON SHONDA RHIMES AN ANGRY BLACK WOMAN). The derogatory article who many felt was racist and bigoted unleashed a torrent of reaction on Twitter and Social media, including tweets from Shonda Rhimes herself who blasted Stanley. New York Magazine’s culture website Vulture posted a detailed rebuttal of Staney’s bigoted review and the numerous problems with it. (Read Vulture’s Analysis by Margaret Lyons    SO MANY THINGS WRONG WITH NY TIMES SHONDA RHIMES ARTICLE). Today/Monday, the New York Times Public Editor, a position that examines instances when the newspaper’s standards and ethics are called into question, indicated that she has serious questions about the article. Public Editor Margaret Sullivan said that “Times readers and commentators are correct to protest the story”. Sullivan called the story which was “Intended to be in praise of Ms. Rhimes” a story that “Delivered that message in a condescending way that was – at best – astonishingly tone-deaf and out of touch.” (Read NY Times Public Editor Comment On Controversy  AN ARTICLE ON SHONDA RHIMES RIGHTLY CAUSES A FUROR).