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Deitrick journeys to Detroit to uncover the hard truth about his biological father, and Bishop McClendon’s son prompts him to reflect on his own messy childhood. Lady LaVette faces a daunting task that tests her skills, faith, and patience.


Be willing to foster and instill a healthy balance of Faith.

One of the great struggles we have today in the Church is preserving our children in Faith. Too often they seem not to be interested.Most parents simply transfer spiritual development to Sunday School teachers and other church leaders. Parents must realize that God places responsibility for spiritual development of children first in their hands.

Children generally adopt the value structures we model for them – in particular, the values the father demonstrates. Too many adults in our churches live by the world’s standards rather than God’s standards. They live by an earthly rather than a heavenly worldview. The church has segmented life into church and secular, a division that is biblically wrong.

Passive attitudes toward our role as parents and as Christian leaders influence how our children will respond to the church and to their own families in the future. Instilling Christian values and adopting our roles as Christian parents will communicate to children what is really important in life as well as lay the right foundation for Christian adults in the future.

Deitrick  learned from his stepfather and  Seth learns from his dad.

What legacy are you leaving?


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