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Democratic Marion County Clerk Candidate Myla Eldridge

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Republican Marion County Clerk Candidate Christine Bischoff

The official title of the office is Clerk of the Circuit Court of Marion County. It is an office mandated by Indiana’s Constitution and plays a key role in the judicial system and public safety in Indianapolis Marion County. As the November 2014 heats up, Afternoons with Amos presents live interviews with Democratic and Republican candidates for critical Marion County offices.  This week the candidates for Clerk of the Circuit Court of Marion County, Republican Christine Bischoff and Democrat Myla Eldridge. The duties of the County Clerk includes: Administering the official court records of all court cases with jurisdiction in that county. This includes Criminal cases, Traffic cases, Civil cases and Juvenile cases. The Clerk prepares the Court’s permanent historical records, including the Record of Judgments and Orders and the historical record of the court’s verbatim orders. The Clerk is generally responsible to: Perform marriage ceremonies; process marriage applications and issue marriage licenses. Prepare notary certifications, register bail agents, and process applications for license for distress sale, passports, hunting and fishing licenses. The Clerk processes and issues documents for court cases, including arrest warrants, jail releases, bond forms. The Clerk handles Probate documents including publications for newspapers regarding the opening and closing of estates, notification of heirs, wills, inventories, inheritance tax orders and final reports. The Clerk collects, distributes and reconciles monies related to court cases. This includes collects fees and fines for city, county and state, deferral and pre-trial diversion fees, and extradition and restitution fees for criminal misdemeanor and infraction cases and other types of user fees. The Clerk also collects Child Support collections. The Clerk’s collections are subject to regular audits by State Board of Accounts and prepares reports to other state offices and agencies. The Clerk administers all federal, state, county, municipal and special elections in the county. In their Afternoons with Amos interview, both Bischoff and Eldridge talked in detail about the duties and responsibilities of County Clerk and how each would approach the job if elected. Eldridge stressed her years of experience workingn in the Clerk’s Office, while Bischoff stressed her experience as a veteran and a businesswoman and her work with computers and technology. Their comments ranges from handling child support, to their views on early voting, new voting machines, voting machine integrity, the integrity and computerization of the court’s paperwork and documents.  Both Eldridge and Bischoff expressed their views on a wide range of subjects and engaged listeners and community questions.  Click the Media Player to hear the Afternoons with Amos Interview with Candidates for Marion County Clerk ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.  Republican Christine Bischoff Runs 42 Minutes.   Democrat Myla Eldridge. Runs 38 Minutes.