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Sam Carson, son of the late, venerated Congresswoman Julia Carson again is running for Mayor of Indianapolis. Carson announced his candidacy in an exclusive Afternoons with Amos appearance Monday.  Carson, who ran in the 2007 Democratic Primary for Indianapolis Mayor, came in second in the contest with Melina Kennedy and Ron Gibson garnering 12.2% of the vote.  This time Sam Carson is running as an independent with an emphasis on providing job opportunities and helping families in an Indianapolis where people’s incomes are falling and poverty is on the rise.  In the interview and interacting with callers, Carson said he wanted to undo the 2007 merger between the Marion County Sheriff and IMPD.  Carson said he wants to “restore Sheriff John Layton’s powers”, saying it would help deal with the city/county’s rising crime rate.  Carson wants to create a jobs program that would help provide part time jobs, at a living wage of $15 an hour helping clean up neighborhoods.  Carson told listeners that he would end spending tax dollars for “bicycle lanes” and other frills.  Carson’s platform includes trying to buy back the city’s water company. The most unusual part of Sam Carson’s platform was advocating that Indianapolis examine what’s happening in Denver where the state has legalized the sale of marijuana at government approved retailers.  Carson feels that could help generate needed tax revenue for Indianapolis.  To qualify as an independent candidate, Sam Carson is going to have to secure the signatures of over 3,000 bonafide registered voters in the city/county.  A process that’s difficult, but not impossible.  Sam Carson became the third announced mayoral candidate after Democrat Joe Hogsett and Republican Jocelyn Tandy-Adande.  Rev. Charles Harrison, the Ten Point Coalition leader has formed an exploratory committee to run for Mayor but hasn’t made a formal declaration of candidacy. Click the Media Player to Hear Sam Carson’s ideas for Indianapolis/Marion County if he Became the Next Mayor. Runs 43 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.