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Protester Confronts Fox News Over Kill Cop Video

Fox News affiliate WBFF apologized Monday for altering a protest chant to “kill a cop.” The station aired an interview with Tawanda Jones, one of the protesters who led the chant. (YouTube Screenshot)

A Baltimore, Md., Fox News affiliate has apologized for editing a broadcast report to make it appear as if protesters demonstrating against police violence were chanting, “kill a cop,” according to Talking Points Memo.

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Gawker, the website, reported Monday that the affiliate, WBFF-TV, had edited footage of a protest chant last weekend to make it sound like a call to murder police, the news outlet reports.

The actual chant went “We won’t stop, we can’t stop, ’til killer cops are in cell blocks,” according to C-SPAN footage, the report says. But WBFF cut the audio short, telling viewers that the words were “We won’t stop, we can’t stop, so kill a cop,” the report says.

The station apologized Monday on both its Facebook page and in an interview with one of the protestors leading the chant, Tawanda Jones (pictured), Talking Points Memo writes.

“Although last night’s report reflected an honest misunderstanding of what the protesters were saying, we apologize for the error,” the post read.

“We have deleted the story on our webpage and we offered to have Ms. Jones on Fox45 News at 5:00 tonight for a live interview,” it continued.

In that interview, Jones reprimanded the station several times for misrepresenting her words.

“The interesting part that really gets to me is, where you guys edited it and stopped — like, how could that be a mistake?” she said.

“Once you play that whole thing, you would know that’s not something that’s being said,” she added.

We’re all glad that the station issued an apology, but it’s really shameful that it had to issue one in the first place. How easily one segment of society comfortably casts blame on groups they perceive as powerless. Hopefully the protest movement, sparked by police violence in the Black community, will continue to expose and eventually uproot this sinister and deeply entrenched problem in media and beyond.

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