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A few weeks ago, a very powerful storm swept through our city and caused thousands to be without power for days. The force of the storm caused homes to be damaged and thousands of vehicles to be ruined, but thankfully only a small number of individuals were physically impacted during the storm.

The emotional toll was high and the other life expense of being without power was tremendous. Individuals and families were forced to replace refrigerators filled to capacity with food items. Others had to make alternative sleeping arrangements for an assortment of reasons. With no power for almost a full week, businesses also suffered greatly. Reports indicate that it may take up to one year for them to totally recover.

When the power is disconnected, we begin to realize how much we depend on it. There was no power to charge cellular phones, power up the internet signal, cook food, turn on lights to navigate dark homes, and no juice to cool (or heat) homes. Even simple recreational activities that don’t require power had to be adjusted. The power outages negatively affected everything!

The same way that we’ve had those power outages, many are starting to see the real affects of power outages happening in the spiritual lives of many believers. If a physical storm had that much influence and affect on people’s lives, can you imagine the reach of spiritual power outages?

Spiritual power outages are caused by:

A) Inconsistent spiritual living

B) Inappropriate placement of the role of the Holy Spirit

C) Insufficient submission to the Power of the Holy Spirit

D) Inconvenient manipulation of the purpose of the Holy Spirit

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