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The Rev. Charles Harrison, who has flirted with possibly running as the Libertarian Party candidate for Mayor will not be going that route.  That’s what came out an Afternoons with Amos interview with Marion County Libertarian Party leaders Chris Mayo, Libertarian Party Chair for Marion County and Brett Bittner. The two acknowledged that they’d had conversations with Rev. Harrison and that some of his views were libertarian and agreed that Indianapolis need to look at different approach to fighting crime and improving community engagement.  But the Mayo and Bitter said at the end of the process, Rev. Harrison, if he runs for Mayor, wouldn’t as a Libertarian candidate.  Also in the interview Mayo and Bitter talked about the Libertarian the major problems they see in Indianapolis facing Indianapolis.  Besides crime, their major concerns was how Indianapolis is spending its funds, especially the so-called Crony Capitalism deals that benefit favored developers and companies with tax breaks and taxpayer funded subsidies for projects that favor a few and not benefit the majority of Indianapolis residents.  Both Mayo and Bittner made a appeal to the African-American community,.  Saying they want the Libertarian Party to be more involved and engaged in the community. And are reaching out to get the African-American community to be more involved and engaged with their party.  They invited listeners to an event April 2nd to learn more about the Libertarian Party and perhaps become a candidate in the November election. The Afternoons with Amos Interview with Libertarian Party Leaders Chris Mayo and Brett Bittner will Start On Our NEW Media Player After A Brief Video Ad. Interview ©2015 WTLC/Radio One.