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Reggie Wayne Catching Winning Colts Touchdown in 2011

Indy is heartbroken that Reggie Wayne, #87, the Star Wide Receiver of the Indianapolis Colts won’t any longer be a part of the team.  Colts officials announced Friday that they won’t be picking up his contract.  On Afternoons with Amos we talked about Reggie Wayne’s impact, not just as a Colt, but his impact on his team, on its younger players like up and coming star TY Hilton and Wayne’s impact with the community with one of his good friends Amp Harris.

Reggie Wayne at 2014 Black Expo

Reggie Wayne (L) with WRTV Anchor Erika Flye (R) at Black Expo Reggie Wayne/Amp Harris Celebrity Game – 2014

Harris’ concern and I share it as well, is that while pro football is a business – one that’s sometime callous, cold and cruel – the contribution of Reggie Wayne not were not only on the field, but in a lot of leadership ways on the sidelines, in the locker room and in the community. In the interview Harris, who has known and worked with Reggie Wayne on community projects like the annual Amp Harris/Reggie Wayne Celebrity Basketball Game at Indiana Black Expo’s Summer celebration, talked about Wayne’s work ethic and his dedication to the Colts organization.  Harris thinks the Colts should have made an effort to reach some agreement with Wayne to allow him to finish out his career in Indianapolis.  Harris believes strongly that Reggie Wayne still can contribute to the team, both in physical gifts on the field, but in the intangible leadership skills as a mentor and role model to other players.  Harris said younger Colts players admired Wayne and he provided that positive role model professional teams need to help keep their younger players on a positive road.  Listeners also reacted to the Colts’ Reggie Wayne decision during the expanded interview which provided insight into a one of the most significant players ever in Indianapolis Coots history. Click Our NEW Media Player To Hear the Afternoons with Amos Interview About Colts Legend Reggie Wayne. Runs 22 Minutes ©2015 WTLC/Radio One. Audio Starts After A Brief Video Ad.