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John Gregg

John Gregg

The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST for Monday, June 1, 2015.  (Begins At 23:22 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). This week Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz announces she’s running for the Democratic nomination for Indiana Governor.  Ritz joins John Gregg, the former House Speaker from Sanborn in Southern Indiana who ran and barely lost against Gov. Mike Pence three years ago and Sate Senator Karen Tallian of Portage in Northwest Indiana who announced her candidacy a couple of weeks ago.

Sen. Karen Tallian

Source: Sen. Karen Tallian / state website

All three – Gregg – Tallian – Ritz – believe that the weakness of Gov. Mike Pence on a variety of issues including the controversy over the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the massive overcharges and mismanagement at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, problems with the Department of Child Services, the weakening incomes of Hoosiers with reduced standard of living and pressure on working and middle class families, despite low unemployment are issues that Democrats could retake the Governor’s Office.  In a Democratic primary strong support from African-American voters in Indianapolis/Marion County is key to any of these three candidates chances of success in next may’s Primary.

Glenda Ritz

Supt. Glenda Ritz

So in an Afternoons with Amos Unofficial, Unscientific Poll of the Airwaves, we asked listeners to weigh in on their feelings about the three potential Democratic candidates.  The largest group of respondents (41.2%) were undecided, with a 11.8% for John Gregg and 23.5% for Glenda Ritz.  None for Sen. Tallian who is still unknown in Indy. Another 23.5% of those responding to our poll expressed a hope that John Gregg and Glenda Ritz would join forces as a ticket together. Some think Ritz should be the Governor and Gregg the Lt. Governor candidate, others feel the opposite.  But listeners felt strongly that the Democratic candidates must to address the issues that are impacting African-Americans lives in Indianapolis and Indiana. (Begins At 02:07 Mark On PODCAST Media Player) Also, on the Monday’s program, Douglas Hairston talked about the annual Mayor’s Community Service Awards. Nominations are being accepted until June 15th for those in the Indianapolis community doing great work in ther community in a number of categories. To get a nomination form just call Douglas Hairston in the Mayor’s Office at 317-327-3601 or e-mail (Begins At 14:09 Mark On PODCAST Media Player) Blake Bolding of the Monumental Marathon stopped by to talk about how the Marathon, which is held the 1st Saturday of November, raises money for the IPS’ Education Foundation.  Bolden also talked about a Monumental Marathon event this Thursday, June 4, a one mile run down Meridian Street from 13th to the Circle to also raise money for IPS and is part of the Marathon’s effort to help reduce obesity among IPS students. The event will involve a number of runners from IPS Schools. For more Information About Monument Marathon Click the Website Here: MONUMENTAL MARATHON WEBSITE   The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST for June 1, 2015 Runs 100 Minutes ©2015 WTLC/Radio One. PODCAST Begins After Brief Video Ad.