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President Obama

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The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST for Tuesday, June 23, 2015.  There was an uproar when President Barack Obama said the N-Word during a podcast interview while the President was visiting California.  But the uproar over one word obscured the President deeper message about the state of race relations in this country.  On Afternoons with Amos, the full context of President Obama’s words on race relations, not just one word, was played for Indianapolis and listeners. Adhering to AM1310 The Light policy the controversial word has been bleeped out, but the remaining words, context and meaning of President Obama’s appearance on the WTF Podcast with actor, comedian and commentator Marc Maron remains for all to hear. (Hear It At The 55:00 Mark Of The PODCAST Media Player). Then catch the Open Lines discussion by Afternoons with Amos on the President’s remarks and the controversy and other subjects of interests. (Catch That Starting At The 1:04:58 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). Afternoons with Amos also featured a series of interests on a number of community oriented events to benefit a variety of organizations in the community. (Interviews Start At 3:23 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). Morgan Kuhn with Free To Breathe talked about their fundraising 5k and 1 Mile Run and Walk to benefit that organization which raises money to fight and deal with lung cancer. The event is scheduled for Saturday, June 27th at Ft. Harrison State Park.  For several decades The Martin Center has informed and educated Indianapolis and Central Indiana on Sickle Cell, the disease and treatments.  For 19 years the Martin center (not affiliated with Martin University) has held an annual 5k and 1 Mile Walk/Run in the Riverside neighborhood on Indy’s near northwest side. Gary Gibson, Marin Center President and Lena Harvey a member of the Walk Committee and a Sickle Cell survivor appeared on the program to talk about the Saturday June 27th event and the programs and services of Martin Center. Click Link for More Info: MARTIN CENTER WEBSITE Lynne Griffith of the American Heart Association of Indiana appeared with Rita Greene a cancer survivor and head of PopRock Productions to talk about a Friday, June 26th charity fashion show and entertainment event to help benefit the Heart Association. Joining Lynne and Rita was local entertainer Nu Breed. (Interview Starts At 24:23 Mark On PODCAST Media Player) It’s an effort by area youth pastors and other ministers of the Gospel to get out of their churches and into the community to connect with Indianapolis youth.  They’ve been playing a daylong conference and entertainment event for young people at the Fairgrounds. Pastors Rob Havermale and Ron Porter with the Mission 28:19 Movement stopped by to talk about their all day event Saturday, June 27th at the Fairgrounds Coliseum. The name comes from Matthew 28:19 where Jesus commanded his disciples to go and teach the Gospel to all.  Joining the pastors was a young Ben Davis graduate Issac Whitten who talked about how the Mission 28:19 effort helped turn around his life. It’s an inspiring interview you need to hear. Click the Link For Their Website. MISSION 28:19 WEBSITE (Interview Starts At 43:00 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). Citizens Energy Group and Citizens Water has acquired a huge quarry in Fishers that is capable of holding billions of gallons of water. The new Citizens Reservoir will join Eagle Creek, Morse and Geist in the Citizens Reservoir system to help insure a secure water supply for Indy in the decades to come. Dan Considine of Citizens explains. The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST for Tuesday, June 23rd Runs 93 Minutes. ©2015 WTLC/Radio One. PODCAST Starts After Brief Video Ad. [theplatform account=”BCY3OC” media=”LI10AIxkhtoH” player=”xFJXq1diB1tB”]

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