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Source: Ray Tamarra / Gett

The new series ‘Answered Prayers’ premiered  on TLC and the exploration of modern-day miracles hosted by Roma Downey (“The Bible Series,” “Son of God,” “AD,” “Touched by an Angel”) leaves the viewer wanting more.

The six-part series follows the remarkable stories of people in life-threatening situations who have experienced moments so inexplicable, so incredible that they can only be described as divine intervention.

As stated in the press release ‘Answered Prayers’ is a blend of heart-wrenching interviews, thrilling recreations and dramatic real footage, each hour-long episode paints a vivid portrait of ordinary people who have faced extraordinary circumstances-and miraculously lived to tell the tale. Each individual’s unwavering faith and trust in the power of prayer has transformed potentially heartbreaking situations into stories of true inspiration-from a young boy buried for hours under eleven feet of sand, to the horror of a pastor stabbed 37 times, to a family that survives their car plunging upside down into an icy river bank.

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