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After Kathie Lee Gifford lost her husband Frank Gifford on Aug. 9, warm tributes poured in from around the world.

But it was the melodies sung by 5-year-old “America’s Got Talent” singer Heavenly Joy Jerkins that truly melted the heart of the grieving TODAY co-host.

“Your light shines all around the world,” said Heavenly Joy in a cellphone video after belting a vibrant rendition of “This Little Light of Mine.”

Tears flowed from Gifford as she sat by the side of Hoda Kotb during her first on-air appearance since the loss.

“I’ve held it together for a week and this little Heavenly Joy girl—bless her heart,” said the emotional TV personality.

That’s when the 5-year-old daughter of producer and Lifestyle Music Group CEO, Rodney Jerkins and his wife Joy Enriquez, came marching onto the set.

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